NGO REC – Reconciliation Empowering Communities is implementing several projects in the Mitrovica region (in the cities of Mitrovica, Vushtrri and Skenderaj), based on community regardless of religion, race, gender or nationality.


Through this program we aim to promote active citizenship by demanding responsibility and accountability from institutions, transparency and good governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights.


The overall goal of the program is to advocate at national and local institutions for environmental protection, by addressing citizens’ needs and problems.

River Protection Petition ''Water in Pipes - Millions in Pockets''

NGO REC – Reconciliation Empowering Communities together with seven civil society partner organizations and in cooperation with the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society – KFOS have initiated a petition with citizens against further degradation of the environment by Mini Hydro and Small Hydro Power Plants.

The NGO REC was responsible for organizing and collecting signatures in the Mitrovica Region, respectively in the municipalities of: Mitrovica, Vushtrri, Skenderaj, Leposaviq – also villages of Bistrica, Cerajë and Koshtovo of Vllahia villages and Zubin Potok – at Çabër village.
The petition for collecting signatures in the city of Mitrovica started on October 29th, 2019 from 12:00 in the square “Mehë Uka” where we had many citizens and representatives of local institutions where they supported the campaign and signed the petition. The campaign to collect signatures continued for two (2) consecutive weeks until November 11th, 2019.
Our volunteers have had great support from the wider community in all locations where we frequented by signing the petition and encouraged to continue with such initiatives.

The petition these days has been signed by many communities living in the Mitrovica Region such as: Albanian, Bosnian, Turkish, Goran, Roma and Ashkali.


The overall goal of the program is to work in empowering young people and developing their capacity through volunteer work as an opportunity for career development and community advancement.